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by The Camas Hotel Staff on January 27th, 2018

Nick Calais and Tami Weidert- two of Camas's biggest First Friday attenders and ambassadors are getting married!!

​Everyone loves a wedding so we are especially excited to announce that for the First Friday in February, 2018, we will be hosting a wedding in Downtown Camas where everyone gets to be a part!!

It will be a "Wedding Affair to Remember"! Nick Calais and Tami Weidert—two of our biggest First Friday attenders and ambassadors—will say "I do" in front of friends and family and the community is invited as well! Nick and Tami have been to each First Friday since April 2015 and have made so many friends and connections over the years. They have a true heart for our community and what First Fridays bring and they want to share the First Friday experience with all their friends and family—and want you to come, too!

The theme each February traditionally has been "A Chocolate Affair to Remember" so for Feb 2018 it will be "A Wedding Affair to Remember"!

It will be a giant downtown wide wedding celebration! The ceremony will be held at the Liberty Theatre at 2pm (community is invited!). Our Camas Mayor Scott Higgins will marry them. Tami will carry a paper bouquet (including toilet paper of course!) in honor of our town’s heritage. Cake Happy will provide the wedding cake and food from all the downtown restaurants will be served at an outside celebration with lighted tents, music, dancing, games and more! There will be wedding themed specials and activities all through town. We’re hoping to have the breweries/tap rooms have wedding themed beers, special wedding cocktails and specials in the restaurants, and whatever else our creative merchants come up with! For the passport activity in the evening from 5-8pm, merchants will have their wedding pictures in their shops and you get to guess the date of the wedding! There will be chocolates throughout town at merchants as well. 

The Liberty Theatre of Camas-Washougal will show the classic film An Affair To Remember with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr that Friday and Saturday as part of the theme.

A Wedding Show with local vendors will be set up in Journey from 5-8pm as part of the theme including Your Big Day, truly scrumptious, blu box art,Whispering Waters Farm, Chickabloom Floral Studio, Whimsy Chocolates,Mandi MOON artistry, Your Party & Event Center, and more. A perfect way to connect with quality local wedding vendors!

It is because of their heart and downtown engagement that we decided to do this for a First Friday event. An amazing way to celebrate two of our favorite downtown visitors and include the community in a big way! It's going to be a First Friday to top all First Fridays and all are invited.

Mark your calendars for 2-2-18! It will be a wonderful night celebrating love and community.

by The Camas Hotel Staff on January 25th, 2018

Some things old... Some things new! 

We are so excited to be celebrating 107 years at The Camas Hotel! Above is a picture of the original lobby in 1911! 
Built in 1911 by Prussian immigrant Paul Hinz, the Camas Hotel is 107 years old officially on January 29th! The Hotel is the oldest commercial building in Camas. With renovations back in 2011 and prior as well as a recent renovation this past May, 2017 to a few rooms the hotel, it has stayed in excellent shape!

The hotel used to be known as the "Commercial Hotel", but after a fire in the 1930's a rival hotel, which stood just across the street that was named "Camas Hotel". After this fire Hinz was able to adopt the name to "Camas Hotel". 

Paul Hinz lived in the hotel with his wife and three children for several years after completing construction. His wife passed away while his children were still young, so he raised his three children in the hotel. He was rumored to be very strict, according to some older Camas residents who still remember the Hinz children as their classmates. 

​No story in Camas would be complete without some mention about the local Paper Mill, which is an integral part of the town's history. In the 1930's the city agreed that the Crown Willamette Paper Mill could ad pulp processing, and it became a 'kraft' mill". This provided many new jobs, but unfortunately led to a distinctive odor in the town. Camas, in spite of it's charm, beauty and lovely lakes, became known for being the "stinky town across the river" to many Portlanders. This didn't help the town's hotel business, and Paul Hinz decide to fight the mill. He sought damages for the loss of business, and was awarded a settlement of $5,000 in 1932. This was a lot of money in those days, but it made Paul a somewhat unpopular man in town, due to the fact that so many people worked at the mill. 

Fortunately for Camas, Georgia Pacific, who currently own the mill, installed hi-tech clean smokestacks over a decade ago so residents and visitors can enjoy fresh air along with all the many other charms of this historic riverside town.

In our lobby we have a binder full of stories and pictures, so next time you visit us take a look at the history!  

Camas Hotel Founder Paul Hinz

by Camas Hotel Staff on January 13th, 2018

Camas is a beautiful place to have a getaway or relax and rejuvenate yourself. Full of fun restaurants, shops, great Happy Hour's, local coffee shops, Wine Bar's and Brew Pubs. Camas has something for everyone! Check this video out by The Downtown Camas Association about "Why Come to Camas?" 

See ya soon! 

by The Camas Hotel Staff on January 11th, 2018

​Join us in January as we take a moment to center on ourselves through a series of workshops lead by knowledgeable professionals. You’ll take home the know how and insight needed for continual self care throughout the year. On January 29th spend the day reconnecting to yourself and recommitting to your well being through yoga, a nutritional workshop and a refreshing hike. Meet those who’ll guide you through the days events the evening before in the Hotel Atrium, Jan. 28th at 6pm.

Tickets start at $150 per hotel guest. Please call us at 360-834-5722 for inquiries.

*Discounted tickets available to those in need in our community. Please call the Camas Hotel at 360-834-5722 to learn more and purchase.
*Not advised that those younger than 14 years attend.


Sunday Jan 28th
Check in begins at 3pm. 
6-8pm Social Meet & Greet in the Hotel Atrium hosted by Rusty Grape Vineyard & snacks by Good Medicine Nutrition

​7:30am-10am Enjoy a special hotel breakfast curated by Good Medicine Nutrition

9:30 -11am with Paul Cheek at an Iyengar Yoga Session.
At Rushing Water Yoga we meet the students where they are, and choose a challenge by choice approach to teaching. Yoga is an ancient, holistic discipline originating in India. It involves much more than the physical postures (asana). Yoga is a work in - not a work out. Through the commitment to the practices of Yoga we can learn how to be present in all areas of life. At Rushing Water Yoga it is important to the teachers that they help prevent injuries, help you progress at your needed pace and encourage you to develop a life-long, sustainable yoga practice.

Along with signing up for this day of self care you can continue your practice for one unlimited week of follow up Yoga at Rushing Water for Free.
Peggy at Tri Healing Retreat/Rushing Water Yoga studio is offering $15 off a 60 minute massage if you schedule 48 hours in advance during the week of January 29th- February 5th. Reach out via

11:30 am-1 pm learn from Emily Penn, of Good Medicine Nutrition for a Better Breakfast Bowl Workshop
Build a better breakfast! Learn how healthy fats, fiber & delicious ingredients will leave you energized, focused & ready to take on your day!
- we will be making chia pudding bowls & chocolate smoothie bowls
- high quality ingredients
- long-lasting energy from healthy fats
- start your day with a solid nutritional base!

2-4 PM Hike with Spears Strong! Experience the unique beauty of the Pacific Northwest with local Personal Training Company Spears Strong! Hike in the Columbia River Gorge with confidence as we lead you through towering trees surrounded by waterfalls. The hike is beginning to intermediate, allowing you to hike at your pace. Before the hike, Spears Strong Hiking Club Leader Kelly Neill and co-owner Shelby Spears will lead you through a trainer-designed warm-up that will activate your muscles and get them ready for the hike. Spears Strong staff are CPR and First Aid certified and will provide first aid gear, extra water and snacks (those with food sensitivities or allergies should bring their own snacks). You will challenge yourself with some elevation gain and rocky terrain but the trail will be about 2 miles and rated easy/moderate. Use this quality time in nature to restore and recharge.

Ability level: Hikers should be able to walk at least 3 miles and be able to walk on trail terrain with hills. They should have no current physical injury that would hinder hiking abilities. 

Gear List *Participants should be sure to check the weather and bring gear for all possibilities. The Gorge can be unpredictable, especially in the winter. Weather can turn rainy and windy quickly, and it can even snow/hail, especially at higher elevations. Be prepared for anything. Trails can also be muddy and slick form rain. 

Comfortable shoes with traction that can get wet and muddy. Hiking shoes or trail running shoes are great but a sturdy tennis shoe that can get wet could work as well. 

Layers are a necessity when hiking in gorge in the winter. Comfortable pants or tights, wool socks, a long sleeved shirt and jacket, etc... are good options. Avoid wearing cotton, especially if the forecast calls for rain or colder temperatures. Wool is our recommended apparel for hiking in the Pacific Northwest.

It is winter and rain is a strong possibility so you will want a lightweight warm jacket as an outside layer and/or rain shell. Kelly loves layers with waterproof breathable shells and lighter down jackets.

You will also want lightweight gloves or running gloves and a hat (wool or knitted- something that will keep you warm- a ball cap is also good if it's raining and warmer out. 

Hiking poles are optional if you like having them. 

Backpack- you may want to bring a small backpack for water, snacks and extra layers. 

Water- plan to bring at least 20 ounces (or one large water bottle). Staff will carry extra water but you are responsible for bringing your own water and light snacks such as raisins/seeds/nuts or what you prefer when hiking. ​

Tuesday January 30th
7:30-10am Enjoy another special hotel breakfast curated by Good Medicine Nutrition 
10-11am Relax & Meditate 
​11am Check Out

by The Camas Hotel Staff on January 10th, 2018

​Join us for a night of laughter! We are excited to be hosting another fun event! Enjoy a night of comedy at the Camas Hotel Event Space! Tickets are limited so reserve your spot today! 

We'll be hosting local Comedians from SW Washington and Portland Metro. Amanda Arnold and Chase Brockett! Doors open at 6 PM, show starts at 8 PM!

Small plates provided by the Camas Hotel Restaurant and drinks provided by Mill City Brew Werks!

BOOK A ROOM! Then book your Comedy Show tickets. Already have a room? Great, give us a call and we'll set you up with our event!